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Ever do something in your life you have gone back and thought about weather or not it was a smart choice? Even though your heart says fallow it. I change my ID pic acording to mood. SO here is the list of what legendary pokemon equal to feelings and I will provide their legendary themes normal and remixes for those who like remix, normal will be first remix next.

:iconluxrayplz:=Like a lion
:iconhoundoomplz:=Like a devil
:iconarcanineplz:=Firey and Happy
:iconcobalionplz:= Proud(… and…
:iconvirizionplz:=At Peace and Relaxed(… and…
:iconterrakionplz:=Strong(… and…
:iconkeldeoplz:= Playful(…
:iconzekromplz:=Signiture Legendary Unova(… and…
:iconreshiramplz:Signiture Fire Legendary Pokemon(… and…
:iconkyuremplz:=Ice Proud(… and…
:iconvictiniplz:=vicorious(… and…
:iconzoroarkplz:=???? this one means i have mixed emotions.
:iconarceusplz:=Mighty(… and…
:iconpalkiaplz:=Spacy meaning i need my space.(……
:icondialgaplz:=timely meaning slow or fast with time(… and…
:icongiratinaplz:= Disorented(… and…
:iconshayminplz:=Flirty plus very happy(sky fom is happy and land form is flirty)
:iconshadowlugiaplz:=betraye (…
:icondarkraiplz:=loving the phantom of the opera(… and…
:iconsuicuneplz:=at ease(… and…
:iconraikouplz:=I am not afraid(… and…
:iconenteiplz:=I miss my papa(grandfather)
:iconrayquazaplz:=agitated(… and…
:iconregigigasplz:=like a statue
:iconlugiaplz:=I feel like im flying(… and…
:iconarticunoplz:=I feel like an angel of music or just an angel in general
:iconregiceplz:=I feel ice cold(… and…
:iconregisteelplz:=I fell like a regi(you know regi trio)(… and…
:iconregirockplz:=I feel like a rock(… and…
:iconmoltresplz:=I feel very hot
:iconzapdosplz:I= feel staicky
:iconmewplz:=cute and adorable
:iconmewtwoplz:= powerful
:icongroudonplz:= partying hard, dancing, and rapping.
:iconkyogreplz:=Feel like im flying underwater
:icondeoxysplz:=I feel aliean like
:iconcelebiplz:=I feel like going outside.
:iconjirachiplz:=I feel like making a wish
:iconlatiasplz:=I feel lke I need someone to talk to.
:iconlatiosplz:=I feel like running away
:iconmespritplz:=I feel emotional
:iconuxieplz:=I feel smart
:iconazelfplz:=I feel like I got willpower
:iconsnorlaxplz:=Tired and lazy
:iconcharizardplz:=My signature pokemon. I am a charmander in the pokemon explorers of darkness game. SO inceim a senior in high school im a fully evolved charmander into charizard.
:iconcubchooplz:=sick or gotta cold
(shiny):iconfraxureplz:=My boy friend's pokemon. Once he is a senior in high school he will be a fully evolved shiny haxerous.

If you like Nyan Cat YOU'LL LOVE THIS…

Favourite genre of music: Pop,dance,remix, and tycno
Favourite photographer: don't have one
Favourite style of art: random doesn't matter
MP3 player of choice: I-phone
Shell of choice: conch
Wallpaper of choice: dragons or Pegisus
Skin of choice: chrome blue and black
Favourite cartoon character: chowder
Personal Quote:Ninjaness

This is the start of my fan fiction series for Achilles and Hector and what happened after the Trojan war. EXCEPT!!! The characters have been turned into my little ponies. As I stated in the last journal and also that is was an open rp that absolutely NO ONE bothered to look at. Anyways as I was saying, as I stated in the last journal… only a few of these characters are mine. OH ATTENTION I ALMOST FORGOT!! CHARCTERS WILL NOT BE POSTED TILL MUCH LATER DUE TO THE FACT THAT I DO NOT LIKE THEIR DESIGNS SO FAR SO I AM GOING TO DRAW THEM MY SELF! PLEASE ALSO NOTE THIS IS MY FIRST TIME EVER DRAWING MLP CHARACTERS! Here is the list so far:

My characters
-Lenidra(lee-neye-dra)daughter of Achilles and Briseis.
-Achillicas(ah-kill-eh-K-us)Achilles twin sister and Lenidra's aunt
(I might give Lenidra a twin brother I do not know)

Troy characters
-Achilles father of Lenidra, twin brother of Achillicas, leader of the Myrmidons, and boy friend of Briseis.
-Briseis mother of Lenidra, neice of Priam, girl friend of Achilles, cousin of Paris and Hector.
-Priam King of Troy, uncle to Briseis, father of Paris and Hector.
-Hector prince of troy, son of Priam, married to Andromache, father of Astyanax, cousin to Briseis, leader of Troy's army, and brother of Paris.
-Paris prince of troy, son of Priam, married to Helen, cousin to Briseis, and brother of Hector.
-Helen married to Paris.
-Patrocalus cousin of Achilles and Achillicas
(I might add more characters)

So yea theres the list so far. Here is how I am going to start off the series.

Chapter1 I am telling the back story of Briseis and Achilles.
Chapter2 I am going to tell the story of Hector and Andromache and tell more about their son.
Chapter3 Is what happens to Hector.
Chapter4 What happens to Achilles
Chapter5 What happens to Briseis and Lenidra during/after the Trojan war.
Chapter6 What happens to Andromache and Astyanax, also a little about what happened to Priam.
Chapter6 Is when Astyanax and Lenidra meat.
(After this we will just have to play it by ear)

Well theres that then. I do not think there is anything ells other than start the story.

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